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Creating a New Post

It is recommended to use the command line to create a new post, which frees you from worrying about many details.

hexo new "[ title ]"

This will create a new .md file in the source/_posts/ directory of your site.

Of course, you can also create the file manually, but then you will need to manually configure the front-matter.


It is recommended to first read the Hexo Official Document - Front-Matter. “Cards” support the following parameters:

Key Description Default Required
thumbnail Post thumbnail URL none Optional
robots Spider directive (SEO) none Optional
toc Show table of contents true Optional


After creating a new post, find the file in source/_posts/, edit the content, preview it locally with hexo s, and deploy it to the remote repository with hexo d after making appropriate modifications. You can refer to the Hexo Official Document - One Command Deployment for more information.


That’s it for configuring the theme. After you have configured it properly, you should remember to focus on outputting content rather than getting lost in endless tinkering, as “Cards” has always tried to convey. We can’t wait to see the site you build with “Cards”!